Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland my patoot, everything was progressing fine back in January:

Scouting Party Arrives 9:30 am 16 January 2014

Scouting Party Arrives
9:30 am 16 January 2014

Life was just starting to be reborn, harbingers of spring and all that; then we take off for a little house sitting in drought stricken northern California:

Orinda, California 11 Feb 2014

Orinda, California 11 Feb 2014

Tough duty but when family calls you have no rational choice but to respond. We arrived in time to take our relatives to the San Francisco airport and then slide on back to Berkeley to pick up a case of wine at Kermit Lynch’s on San Pablo Avenue. House sitting is, after all, such an arduous chore. The next day it begins to rain, four days of rain, about 12 inches, fortunately Dungeness Crab are in season and I knew the perfect place to go:

Diablo Foods, 3615 Mt. Diablo Blvd. LaFayette, California

Diablo Foods, 3615 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
LaFayette, California

 They also offer to clean and crack the crabs as you wait then provide a nice simply recipe:

Bruno’s Cracked Crab

While you wait they force you to view the superb fillets of fish, racks of lamb, pork cutlets, and beef cuts aged to make your mouth water. I was becoming concerned that my credit card didn’t have a sufficient limit.

Then the time comes to return the Northeast, missed the bus at Logan by 3 minutes due to some snafu in baggage claim. Finally got into Portsmouth around 1:15 am and discovered the car wouldn’t start so had to wait for another 40 minutes for AAA to arrive however, they do know what they are doing and we were soon on the road again getting into the house around 2:30 am. Fortunately my brother had cleaned our driveway a couple of times to make sure that we would be able to drive right into the garage.

Oyster River 20 Feb 2014

Oyster River 20 Feb 2014

I truly hope that damn Robin is out there under all of this. After all of this, what do you do when life gives you lemons?

Meyer Lemons, Orinda, California

Meyer Lemons, Orinda, California

Fill all of the empty spaces in your suitcase with them and as soon as you get home reach for your copy of The French Market Cookbook by Clotilde Dusoulier, turn to page 89 and prepare a few pints of Preserved Lemons.

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