Winter 2014

Sub-zero temperatures, natural gas futures rising, dire snow forecasts, can life get more precarious? Here on the banks of the Oyster River, the sun rises, the snow melts and our biggest worry is a premature ground thaw. We have watched as warm weather and rains eroded our 18 inches of snow to perhaps 2 inches in places and bare ground elsewhere.

33° F 8:45 am 15 January 2014

33° F 8:45 am 15 January 2014

I am now moving from fretting about clearing snow from the drive way to whether or not I placed my seed order too late for the early planting. Due to the lay of the land, I feel fortunate that my asparagus beds are still under 4 or 5 inches of snow and hopefully don’t sprout too early.

National news feeds have been referring to the Mid-Atlantic ( Virginia to New York State) as the Northeast for a few years now. To be clear, the Northeast comprises, solely, the 6 New England States and definitely, absolutely does not contain New York City or any part of that State nor anything further south. If you want to augment the Northeast with anything then think Maritime Provinces. So the next time you hear that the Northeast is bracing for the disaster du demain, understand they are referring to Washington D. C. through New York City that your friends in the true Northeast are just shrugging their collective shoulders being left to wonder at their meteorological fate. Those of us from around here know the best predictions come from simply looking out the window.


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