Where was Senator Ayotte?

Reading an article on Food52 about milk I came across this alarming comment regarding the vagaries of State based regulations:

States make their own laws when it comes to the regulation of raw milk sales, with seven states outlawing its sale directly to consumers as of October of last year. Because it is potentially dangerous, federal law prohibits the distribution of the raw milk across state lines unless it is in transit to be pasteurized or used to make aged cheese.”

Said another way, 39 States allow some form of raw milk sales, another 4 States allow sales for pets only. Boy, I hope the anti-gun lobby doesn’t see that “potentially dangerous” is justification for Federal Law.

Perhaps Senator Ayotte needs better staff support or they were on coffee break and missed the poorly made State decisions thereby failing our Senator’s desire to declutter State Agriculture regulations and laws:

 “After hearing from New Hampshire food and agriculture stakeholders who raised serious concerns about the implications that a patchwork of state labeling laws would have on interstate commerce, as well as on consumers who could experience increased prices because of those different laws, I supported a procedural motion to advance consideration of the measure.

I would never suggest that the Senator’s support for the anti-GMO labeling law was driven by the Republican National Party (RNC). I would never suggest that the Senator favors the RNC over the citizens of New Hampshire.

I would also never suggest that the RNC favors its leadership over their own delegates, I will leave that to CNBC. I would suggest that the RNC decision to not adopt Roberts Rules of Order for their convention is strikingly similar to Senator Ayotte’s decision to support a bill that would be opposed by 90% of the population if put to a vote, instead voting to apply a Republican led squelch.

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