U-Pick Blueberries Ready

I find everything is coming early this year. I actually picked a handful of Prelude Raspberries yesterday and my blackberries have been flowering for a month now. I have also picked about 2 quarts of Goumi berries and there is at least another 2 quarts left to go. The dwarf cherries are also ripening nicely.

However, the regionally much more exciting news came from Blueberry Bay Farms   last evening. They will open for blueberry picking this Saturday morning, 23 June beginning at 8:30 am. They also expect picking raspberries beginning 30 June. As always, everything is chemical free. They are also still picking lettuce, kale, herbs, etc. Their summer hours are:

8:30am to 6:00 pm Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

8:30am to 5:00pm Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Go early, go often. They have been doing a great job maintaining the plantings and the property in general. I can attest that their blueberries make a wicked popsicle.

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