Seafood Estofado

Le Cordon Bleu never fails to inspire. The recent newsletter highlighted a recipe based on Mexican and Hispanic influences and given that I have access to extremely fresh fish and a very accommodating fish monger. I decided to modify their recipe a little, adjust it for two and have it for dinner last evening:

Spicy Seafood Estofado

Spicy Seafood Estofado

Fortunately I had left over lobster stock in the freezer so I avoided making a fish stock, or worse yet, buying some fish stock. I used store-bought paste tomatoes which are difficult to peel but the concasse added texture and is much better for this dish than tomato sauce would be. This ended up being a fairly easy recipe to prepare; colorful, textural, and flavorful. The presentation had height, movement and was visually pleasing. It would have been better if I hadn’t forgotten the parsley.

While eating we discussed the possibility of a New England Bouillabaisse using the Estofado as the base with 2 or 3 times the seafood stock and using scallops, manilla clams, mussels, Acadian Redfish and lobster claws. Those ingredients are readily available, I still have lobster stock in the freezer and it really is tasty so we’ll try it out this week.

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