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Customer picks up their Underdog Fish share in Durham

New Hampshire Community Seafood CSA’s inaugural fish share drop-off today at the Community Church of Durham. Drop-offs occur in neighboring communities other days of the week. The CSA is an eight week program offering various levels and grades of fish. Deliveries to Durham are every Friday 11 am to 2 pm, except for folks like myself who signed up for the Underdog Fish Share, we’ll receive deliveries every other week. The Underdog Fish Share marketed as “. . . an assortment of under-marketed less familiar species that are just as delicious as our more popular stocks, but unavailable in most markets.”


I just received two pounds of Dogfish, filleted, skinned and ready to cook. Dogfish is commonly known as sand shark, nurse shark, rock salmon, rock cod, etc. I am now trying to decide how I want to cook my fish. They have recipes on their website but my go-to-guide is Fish by Mark Bittman. He covers almost every fish that I have ever seen and presents straight forward recipes that don’t take 2 days of prep work. I am leaning to a simple Broiled Dogfish with garlic butter for tonight and tomorrow I am looking at the Sesame-crusted Dogfish Fillets but the Spicy Dogfish with Crisp Onions looks wicked good.

This is shaping up to be a fun summer.

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