Running Scared?

Who doesn’t like a load of hooey first thing in the morning? I woke up to find this in my mailbox. It seems the efforts to take back the net have had an impact. Many, like myself, filed comments that urged the FCC to do its job and place the internet under Title II regulatory control. Try rationalizing the comments that Verizon made with the assessment that Estonia (#36 on the list) has better Internet service that the USA. Thank you sir, may I have another.

A former CATV lobbyist chairs the FCC. Don’t expect to see the USA as #35 anytime soon. It is all about corporate profits. No one in Washington truly cares about unregulated monopolies. No one in Washington truly cares about quality of service. If you are very lucky, you get what you pay for. In my personal experience, having dealt with regulated telecommunications and power companies across the country; the regulated were never so arrogant nor so unconcerned over customer complaints as the CATV industry. Their corporate pomposity demands regulatory oversight let alone that they are a de facto monopoly.

Perhaps every time that we have our streaming media feed delayed or slowed down, every time we have an interruption in service we should file a small claims suit demanding restitution. Unfortunately I suspect those suits would fail as the fine print in your service arrangement guarantees that you will pay or suffer the consequences but also guarantees they don’t actually have to deliver crap.

Keep sending cards and letters to your elected representatives and the FCC demanding that you and your American brethren be placed ahead of monopolistic pricing practices and monopolistic quality of service. The USA doesn’t have to be the best but it would be nice to break into the top ten.

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