NH Economic Opportunity

It dawned on me that with all the furor nationwide over GMO labeling, the vast majority of Americans in favor of labeling, and the current bill working its way through the New Hampshire Legislature, see Seacoast Eat Local, that products labeled for New Hampshire would quickly find a regional following if not a national market. This could help jump-start non-GMO agricultural activities as demand would precede supply creating on-farm employment as well as the potential for canning/freezing operations to return to the region. My assumption is that Big-Ag would not craft a national label as they do for Bottle Deposits but rather a unique one for New Hampshire. The bigger assumption is that there actually are truly non-GMO retail products available on a reasonable scale for sale in all retail channels.

Other than the loss of Big-Ag lobbying money and campaign funding, I fail to see a down side to letting people know what they are eating and giving them the opportunity to make an educated choice. I think it will be interesting to see who votes against this bill and what they claim as the problem.

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