New Snow

We had a little snow down but not enough to count. We decided to keep our plans and visit friends in Maine last weekend. It didn’t start snowing until last Saturday evening as we headed to bed. When we got up our host had already plowed his driveway; we had 10 to 12 inches down with it still snowing. We sat around drinking coffee for an extra hour or so before starting the 3 hour trip back to New Hampshire. It finished snowing by the time we got to Augusta and the roads were clear. I remembered to pack my boots so I could walk into the garage when we got back instead of driving in and packing the snow down. I was going to fire up the snow-thrower and spend the hour or so cleaning up.

As I made the final turn towards the house I notice a truly delightful sight. Driving out of sight was my brother in his lovely John Deere tractor with snow-thrower; he was returning home after cleaning up my driveway. I slipped right into the garage, life doesn’t get much better than that.

They predicted a dusting of snow last night, maybe an inch. It turned out we received closer to five inches so I got to fire up my snow-thrower for the first time this season. If it would only be my last.

Storm 2013 001 Storm 2013 002Fortunately the snow was dry, very light and we haven’t had any meaningful wind so no drifting.  Forecast has us in the forties for the next few days and the prediction is rain for the weekend. Between the sun and rain I am looking forward to a nice bare asphalt driveway by next week.


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