I have enjoyed Mimolette for a number of years now. It is a hard cheese which gets harder as it ages, deep orange in color with a slight caramelized tone. It is probably most like a well made aged cheddar. It keeps well and although usually served moister than a Parmesan it tends to break into shards when cut. It pairs with a nice Saint-Émilion, Médoc or even a Cahors.

However, you probably can’t find Mimolette in the US right now. Since March, our Federal Drug Agency has impounded over 1,100 pounds of cheese in a New Jersey warehouse. Part of the historic, time-tested production process uses microscopic cheese mites (Mimolette uses flour mites) on the surface to create the nutty, fruity, aroma and flavor. They also give the cheese its distinctive outer shell making it resemble a cantaloupe. Prior to shipping Mimolette is treated to kill all of the cheese mites. You may have noticed brown flecks on the outer shell which are dead cheese mites and of course their excreta.

The FDA has not actually banned Mimolette rather they have impounded the shipment because it has an adulterated surface product that is obvious to anyone with a microscope. Some people are allergic to mites and mites have been to know to trigger an asthmatic attack.

If you find this all rather silly, given the quantity of dust mites, flour mites, etc. that we probably consume every day and that we have been eating Mimolette for over 300 years then you might want to join Cécil Delarue who writes the blog French and Parfait spreading French cuisine and culture. She has create a Facebook page Save the Mimolette and invites all to join with her in protest.



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