Japanese Beetles

I never grew dried beans before this season. We use beans in soups, stews and as a side like we did last night with steamed broccoli and mesquite smoked sage and roasted garlic sausages. We like beans. The last couple of winters we have purchased dried beans from Lover’s Brook Farm in South Berwick, Maine. They grow excellent varieties of dried beans and we look forward to their attendance at the Winter Farmers’ Market at Wentworth Greenhouse.

Encouraged by how good these beans were, I bought some High Mowing Black Turtle seed and some Jacob’s Cattle seed. The plants are progressing well, the Black Turtle are still flowering and showing some very small bean pods but the Jacob’s Cattle are loaded with long green beans.

What has surprised me is the Japanese Beetles are starting to shred the Black Turtle leaves while staying completely off the Jacob’s Cattle plants. The Japanese Beetles are only randomly seen on my raspberries and I have yet to see one on the nearby blackberry canes. I have also not seen any on my cherry trees.

I had planned to surrender the rosa rugosa bushes to the beetles and draw my defenses around the brambles and cherry trees. I did apply Captain Jack’s Dead Bug (spinosad) to the beans but that appears to have been little more than an appetizer as more beetles show up daily. My next approach will be a Neem oil treatment along with the enjoyment of manually crushing the ever-living life out of the little buggers.

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