How not to trap a squirrel

Five years ago I planted 5 goumi bushes to create a visual screen along the driveway. They have delicate white flowers that turn into a small hourglass shape berry which has a tart, slightly strawberry flavor with a very large seed. Once the bushes started to produce large quantities of berries, a flock of catbirds would descend and devour them. They literally picked the bushes clean. I didn’t realize that attracting catbirds would be so problematic; this year they came early devouring the suet and birdseed and at this point are ignoring the just about ripe goumis.

It seems the catbirds have a fondness for nuts of any kind.

Sitting Pretty Like a Catbird? Durham, NH 19 June 2015 ©

Sitting Pretty Like a Catbird?
Durham, NH 19 June 2015 ©

We are running neck to neck trapping catbirds and squirrels. While in the trap the catbird will make sure to eat all of the peanuts and peanut butter. We did net the blueberries this year in case these indiscriminate foragers head to that side of the yard. So far they have been ignoring the raspberries but I think they clean out cherry trees.

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