Honest All American Shrimp

Tired of eating farm raised shrimp, processed in Southeast Asia and supporting a system that uses slave labor? If price isn’t the first thing you consider when selecting what to put in your mouth, then you do have options. Buy American.

Whenever I get a craving for crawfish etouffée, alligator or frog legs I certainly don’t go to my local farmers’ market, I head straight for the CajunGrocer. I got word yesterday that the organic, free-range Gulf shrimp season is in full swing:

Louisiana Wild Caught Shrimp
The waters off the coast of Louisiana are home to one of the highest concentrations of white and brown shrimp. Brown and white shrimp are the most commonly caught species in the Gulf of Mexico. These two varieties account for roughly 90% of the total domestic caught shrimp. Brown(55%) White(35%). The remaining 10% are comprised mostly of pink shrimp.
White shrimp tend to be the most commonly sought variety due to their slightly milder flavor, which makes them very suitable for many different styles of cooking. Brown shrimp are known for having a stronger flavor and are suited better for battering and frying, but are also very versatile. Pink shrimp are less common in the Gulf of Mexico, but are mainly found off the coast of Florida. Pinks tend to grow considerably larger than the brown or white varieties, reaching up to 11 inches in length, and are known for being tender and sweet.

On questioning, CajunGrocer Customer Service provided the following comment:

“Our Gulf Shrimp are harvested off of the Gulf Coast and processed in Delcambre, LA, no slave labor is being used.”

Shrimp freeze well.  Buy with a conscience, Buy American.


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