Food Safety and Modernization Act

I just received the following email and urge you to follow the link and learn about the impact of this new Federal regulation.

Hi folks
Most  have you have heard about the Food  Safety and Modernization Act. Upon first inspection it looked like a pain in the ass for farmers to comply with, but doable.  That was  certainly my personal belief;  that our farm  would just forge  ahead into our latest of new realities.   About a month ago I received a call from Dr. Rich Bonanno,  U-Mass EXT and Roger Noonan, President of New England Farmers Union , telling me that all  farmers should be looking very hard at this because it poses  a serious threat for northeast regional  farming.
Shortly thereafter  a group convened of about 25 concerned farmers, Extension Personnel from  NH, Vt, and Mass, food safety  folks and a few politicians including our  ag commissioner and marketing director  from the Live Free or Die state. We  got together  with the express purpose of trying to sort out what FDA is really saying, and try to wade through the federal register to ferret out  triggers, compliance  mandates  etc; in short, try to figure FSMA out.   It was  (and still is)  a huge undertaking (4000 pages and adding) in the federal register,  plus references to the 2003 Food and Cosmetic Safety Act.   What we found out, and are in agreement about, is frankly very alarming.  My personal interest was fruit and  vegetables, but even from what little I clearly understand I can see that  it effects the wide range of ag commodity groups.
So this is where you come in. All we are asking  is that you go to the website and spend about an hour looking it over. Think about how this  will,or will not effect your operation. Please forward it to anybody or groups  that may be a stakeholder.  Our  group, thinks  this act takes no prisoners, and if you think you are currently exempt, you may well be in for a very rude surprise.
We took this on because nobody has the time to wade through this, I sure as hell didnt and neither do you.   Hopefully this will be useful tool for you. We believe FSMA  is a  real  game changer for all of us, and  your opinions need to be heard.
All the Best,
Pooh Sprague,  Pres NHVBGA


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