First Donuts

This afternoon my cooking buddy, Grace, and I tackled Hand-Forged Doughnuts by Mark and Michael Kiebeck of Portland, Oregon’s Top Pot fame. Since I was tasked with making the dough the day ahead, I selected their Chocolate Old-Fashioned Doughnuts. It was a sticky mess but I took comfort in knowing that Grace would be in charge of rolling them out and cutting the doughnuts and holes. At one point, I thought that she had fallen and skinned her arm but it turned out to be some wandering doughnut dough.

I fired up my T-Fal deep fryer and as soon Grace had a couple of doughnuts cut, I would put them in the oil, turning them at the appropriate times.

Chocolate Donuts

The first two, above right, were too thin and broke up as they were turned. Grace adjusted and the rest came out great. To relax and congratulate ourselves we made a Chimichirri sauce that I saw in The Guardian a few days ago; I promised her a grillade on her next visit so she could properly sample the sauce.

We may have raised doughnuts in our future but first we have a Hand-Held Pie book to sample.

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