Fall Crops

This was an excellent year for backyard gardens and we had good success even though we had difficulties getting into the garden this season. We seemed to get enough rain when needed and the temperatures never got that high or that low. I irrigated the gardens and berries the least in 2014 than over the last the five years.

Summer started poorly as our abundant crop of blueberries fell victim to the squirrels, crows and other birds. We harvested enough Bing cherries from our 4-year-old tree for a pie and the day before I was planning to harvest the Raniers something completely stripped the tree bare. We lost some beets to a wayward woodchuck but he got his just rewards in the end. Then towards early September a pair of woodchucks took up residence in existing river bank nests and managed to completely mow down a most excellent parsley crop not touching a single leaf of the adjoining chervil but they left the main garden alone. We will get on them early next spring and relocate far away.

I managed to rally around the end of July and planted a second crop of beets and another of edible pod peas. We harvested the beets late last week and the peas yesterday but the peas refuse to stop flowering as we haven’t had a real killing frost.

Fall Peas  Durham NH Nov. 2014

Fall Peas
Durham NH Nov. 2014

I regret that I didn’t have the energy to plant more spinach and lettuce crops when the beets and peas went in.

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