Enough is Enough

There comes a time when tolerance just isn’t acceptable. I can look the other way when the table of kids next to us breaks out their selfie sticks. I can slam on my brakes when the Smartphone Heads Down college age kid doesn’t even look up when walking into a cross walk. I can even giggle a little when they line up at an order entry kiosk to order their meal even though there are people at the counter waiting to take anyone’s order. Who doesn’t realize that the push for self-driving cars comes from the Millennials’ basic lack of driving skills and greater interest in being tethered to their texting device? The added expense for those conveniences are borne by those of us who can parallel park, who actually understand how to set and use the rear view and side view mirrors to avoid blind spots. It is so bad they aren’t even embarrassed, safety in numbers.

But enough is enough. There has to be a GoPro YouTube video with accompanying step by step pictures of how to make and bake a cookie available if not a couple of hundred. Now along comes ChiP a Keurig style, Wi-Fi controlled counter top oven to bake a cookie. Maybe these kids need to move out of their parents’ home, or pay down their student loans instead of wasting their allowance on these gadgets. They are so afraid of making a mistake that they have to buy bullet proof, professionally tested gizmos. True learning occurs in the face of failure. There is no pride in pushing a button; bragging that you know which button to push only reinforces my lack of confidence.

God help us if we have to depend on this generation.

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