Economic Development Opportunity for New Hampshire

There is a wonderful opportunity for New Hampshire’s Legislators to create a windfall economic event for the State without having to invest much time, effort or, more importantly, money. Simply propose a special referendum vote for Mandatory Labeling of all products that contain Genetically Modified (GMO) ingredients.

The pro-GM industry has spent more than $25 million to defeat a similar ballot measures in Colorado and Oregon; if those voters side with Big Ag then that would increase the amounts industry giants would funnel into a little State like New Hampshire.

Face it, do we really need to know what we are eating? Hasn’t our Legislature been saving us from reading labels by making them uninformative and ensuring that we continue to have full access to all of those out-of-state raised, produced, and manufactured products? Who still believes that the truth will set you free? It’s all about the money and in the grand scheme of things, Big Ag takes more money out of New Hampshire than it puts in so we have an excellent opportunity to get back some of our money Big Ag is throwing around elsewhere.

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