Easy as Pie

What better way to cap of Friday Night Fish Fry than with a wedge of home-grown cherry pie made with rendered local leaf lard?

Montmorency Cherry Pie 11 July 2014

Montmorency Cherry Pie
11 July 2014

This is the first year we have actually harvested any cherries, not sure who was getting them in the past but we are thankful they didn’t come around this year. Someone stripped the small set of Bing cherries and after snacking on about a dozen Rainier cherries, I decided to wait another day or two to harvest and they magically disappeared overnight. So far the tart cherries have been left untouched, there is another pie on the tree still.

We had never made a cherry pie before nor had we made a lard crust either. The analysis was an excellent flaky outer layer with a still warm sticky sweet, slightly tart interior. The trees are only 4 years old so we are counting on many more pies in our future.

After listening to my good friend Jim describe the cherry pies that he would make for his parents and friends along with the wonders of the classic Door County Montmorency Cherry, I decided to plant a few tart and sweet cherry varieties. We also have our friend Jim to thank for the Door County Cherry Pie Filling recipe. It is nice to have friends.

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