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Wisconsin has many things to be proud of, and on cold winter evenings, the one that springs to mind is its German heritage. I had never heard of a bratwurst before our first relocation to Madison; I was looking forward to them on our second. We had been aware of beer as that had made it to the State of Maine well before us. Tells you something about the State of Mind where they picked up on the beer but missed the whole brat concept. I guess you have to prioritize and the winters are long.

Boiling the brats in beer before grilling them helps as the cooking in liquid prevents the brats from shrinking too much when grilled and can add a little extra flavor. Sauté a few onions and peppers, slather the roll with a good hot mustard and spoon copious amounts of home-made green tomato relish then well:

Grilled Bratwurst Ready for the Table

Grilled Bratwurst Ready for the Table

Pour a beer and enjoy! Bon appetit.


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