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Economic Development Opportunity for New Hampshire

There is a wonderful opportunity for New Hampshire’s Legislators to create a windfall economic event for the State without having to invest much time, effort or, more importantly, money. Simply propose a special referendum vote for Mandatory Labeling of all … Continue reading

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Public Food Policy

I am among the first to remind that the devil is in the detail but there is something to be said for simplicity, plain language and perhaps, rarely – from remote time to remote time, a little socialism. The French … Continue reading

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Live Free or Die

New Hampshire, with the highest Median Average Income in the United States, has redefined miserly, appearing to have found the methods for legally discriminating against retirees on fixed income, homeless, and lower-income wage earners regardless of ethnic origin. Of course, … Continue reading

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Durham’s Budget Challenge

Some have suggested that I was impertinent to challenge the Durham Town Council to a dose of fiscal responsibility, as if a lowly taxpayer has no place at court, and even less right to question their betters. Let me clarify … Continue reading

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Analyzing Property Tax Rates

Conventional wisdom has the Oyster River Cooperative School District (ORCSD) as the bane of every Durham taxpayer. They refused to cede budget authority to the Town Council and continue operating as a semi-autonomous taxing authority. Hoots and hollers in a … Continue reading

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Looking for a House?

Have you have outgrown your current residence? Do have a generous down payment available and good credit? You got there by watching your expenses and following reasonable budgets. You work hard. You don’t waste your money. You have $9,000 allocated … Continue reading

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Zoning Variances

Live Free or Die! Okay, maybe not so free. Over the years we have enacted numerous ordinances attempting to socially engineer our neighborhoods and keep out the riffraff. One of Durham, NH’s ordinances is a prohibition on drive-thru windows/service for … Continue reading

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What do you want to be?

Now that we know what you are, we only need to settle on price, an old joke’s punch line. You might say that Durham is that old joke but I never would. Durham is in the final construction phase of … Continue reading

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Libertarians Unite

Libertarians take heart, your government may have sold you into a Orwellian society, you may only feel safe in Canada, you might want to move into a cave but a new Mad Max is on his way, fighting the good … Continue reading

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Verizon’s Modern Network Management Strategy

Back when the world was safe and monopolies regulated the telephone industry had the P.01 ( Poisson distribution curve) grade of service concept which essentially said that one call failure during one hour in the busiest hour of the year … Continue reading

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