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Consumer is King

Well, maybe only if you live in Europe. Guy Gallet, Secretary General of the Royal Belgian Association of the Chocolate, Praline, Biscuits and Sugar Confectionery Industries (Choprabisco) commented on the number of foreign firms buying Belgium Chocolate Firms said Belgian … Continue reading

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Where was Senator Ayotte?

Reading an article on Food52 about milk I came across this alarming comment regarding the vagaries of State based regulations: “States make their own laws when it comes to the regulation of raw milk sales, with seven states outlawing its sale … Continue reading

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Let’s Gore an Ox

Perhaps it was a shot across the bow in an election season. However, in my opinion, Senator Ayotte has not shown any favor to the consumers or citizens of New Hampshire beyond the Republican favored 1% so after becoming incensed at … Continue reading

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Air Travel Complaint

Years ago I attended a Disney Management Program at their facilities in Orlando. It was an interesting week of Disney philosophy and maybe even a little Goofy. I clearly remember the discussion on trash bins and their efforts studying just … Continue reading

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À mes amis Français

Tuez les Tous! Dieu reconnaîtra les siens. LaFayette, nous sommes prêts!

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Smoke & Mirrors

Boy, what great news in the latest Durham Friday Updates . We are going to have a 2.2% decrease in the overall Property Tax Rate. Yahoo! In case you didn’t see it, here is the article: DURHAM’S FULL TAX RATE … Continue reading

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Inaugural Boule Season

You could cut the eager anticipation with a knife as the boule court is finally ready for play. The Provinçals call it pétanque, the Italians bocce, the British lawn bowling. But to those of us having observed the game played … Continue reading

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2015 Durham Farm Days

Believe it or not there really is much more to Durham than student housing and the Historic District. Saturday looks to be a great day, maybe too hot to work in the yard but just right to see some of … Continue reading

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Post-Landfill Action Network

Purchase Tickets and More Information Here

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Attractive Oranges

We usually see Baltimore Orioles for 1 or 2 days every spring. It’s rumored they have a sweet tooth for oranges, apparently it is no rumor: Putting cut oranges in a suet container has been keeping them coming back for … Continue reading

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