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Tomato Sauce

I like going into fall with 6 gallons of tomato sauce in the pantry. I add it to stews, I braise with it, make barbecue sauce, chili and, of course, I use it for pasta sauce among many other dishes. … Continue reading

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Preserved Meyer Lemons

We tucked 10 Meyer Lemons into our suitcase before returning from California last month. The lone tree was full of these yellow sweet little gems: I had just purchased Clothilde Dusoulier’s The French Market Cookbook last fall for the trip … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland my patoot, everything was progressing fine back in January: Life was just starting to be reborn, harbingers of spring and all that; then we take off for a little house sitting in drought stricken northern California: Tough duty … Continue reading

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Summer Travels

We have been traveling off and on over the last month. We started out in the middle of June driving to Wisconsin to celebrate the life of Michael LeaVesseur who passed last January. His wife and daughter opened their house … Continue reading

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Master Food Preservers

Oh to be a Maine resident, The University of Maine Cooperative Extension is again offering a Master Food Preservers class. However, eligibility is somewhat strict, at least to those of us from away: Who is eligible to apply? Through an … Continue reading

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Canning Methods

The USDA approves two methods for canning: boiling-water processing and pressure processing. Both are performed atop any residential stove and are well supported in Federal literature as well as almost all preserving books that one will find online or in … Continue reading

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