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How not to trap a squirrel

Five years ago I planted 5 goumi bushes to create a visual screen along the driveway. They have delicate white flowers that turn into a small hourglass shape berry which has a tart, slightly strawberry flavor with a very large … Continue reading

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It’s Berry Season

Strawberry picking at Butternut Farms is official on. Before I could snap a picture, the empty quart container above was greedily consumed . Apparently breakfast for two requires a full quart of fresh picked strawberries, who knew?

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How to trap a squirrel

It seems that if you leave a trail of unshelled peanuts leading into a trap, the normally wary gray squirrel with very small brain gets a little too comfortable and quickly ends up being relocated miles away. In the last … Continue reading

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Potential Colony Collapse Disorder Solution

A solution for Colony Collapse Disorder possibly available as soon as this fall. That is the great news, the good news is that it is completely compostable, using no fungicides or pesticides thereby avoiding the dreaded Monsanto collateral damage syndrome. … Continue reading

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Voles Damage Blueberry Bushes

I don’t have my driveway plowed because of the damage typically done by the plow boys so I was somewhat confused as the snow receded this spring, such as it has been, and I noticed various blueberry bushes scattered around … Continue reading

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FDA Finalizes Menu and Vending Machine Calorie Labeling Rules

The 1990 Nutrition Labeling and Education Act did not cover nutrition labeling for restaurants and other ready-to-eat-foods. The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act updated the labeling requirements to include chain restaurants, similar retail food establishments (i. e. chain … Continue reading

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Fall Crops

This was an excellent year for backyard gardens and we had good success even though we had difficulties getting into the garden this season. We seemed to get enough rain when needed and the temperatures never got that high or … Continue reading

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IDOKI – A New Food Label

Direct from Euskal Herriko Etxe Ekoizleen Elkartea comes a new food label designed to ensure that you get nothing but the best from the Basque homeland. The IDOKI complements the existing EU Agriculture Biologique (AB) and Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AOP) … Continue reading

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Pollinator Health and Safety Conference

The University of Maine, co-sponsored by The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry is holding an important conference 20 November on Pollinator Health & Safety: TENTATIVE SCHEDULE 8:00 am- Registration and Check-in 8:30 am- Welcome and Overview Moderator Jim … Continue reading

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Public Food Policy

I am among the first to remind that the devil is in the detail but there is something to be said for simplicity, plain language and perhaps, rarely – from remote time to remote time, a little socialism. The French … Continue reading

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