Although tempting to harvest and eat before getting inside, I am waiting for enough to ripen off for a small batch of jam. Last year I lost the whole crop to botrytis and that is making patience an uneasy attribute this year.

Ouachita, Thornless Blackberry  US Plant Patent #17,162

Ouachita, Thornless Blackberry
US Plant Patent #17,162

I bought these plants from Nourse Farms. Grown in USDA Zone 5b on the east side of the house near the Oyster River, winter hardiness is somewhat of a concern as they are best in Zones 6 – 9. However, the house protects them from the north, northwesterly winter winds and the Oyster River provides sufficient ambient temperature to delay the fall frost and avoid the late spring frosts.

Blackberry Patch

Blackberry Patch

While I wait to harvest ripe fruit, the canes are still sporting a few new flowers. This is their third year, some canes reaching upwards of 10 feet after having been pruned this spring:

Pruned Blackberry Patch Spring 2013

Pruned Blackberry Patch
Spring 2013

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