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Where was Senator Ayotte?

Reading an article on Food52 about milk I came across this alarming comment regarding the vagaries of State based regulations: “States make their own laws when it comes to the regulation of raw milk sales, with seven states outlawing its sale … Continue reading

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Let’s Gore an Ox

Perhaps it was a shot across the bow in an election season. However, in my opinion, Senator Ayotte has not shown any favor to the consumers or citizens of New Hampshire beyond the Republican favored 1% so after becoming incensed at … Continue reading

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Wine Terminology

Every industry creates their own shorthand or jargon trying to make it easier for the insiders but understanding that it also frustrates outsiders. Here are a few of the common terms used to describe wine: Acidity Wine with a pH … Continue reading

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Air Travel Complaint

Years ago I attended a Disney Management Program at their facilities in Orlando. It was an interesting week of Disney philosophy and maybe even a little Goofy. I clearly remember the discussion on trash bins and their efforts studying just … Continue reading

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Ready for Spring 2016

It really hasn’t been a bad winter but it was still winter. The upper Oyster River below the dams never convincingly froze for more than a day or two at a time. Snow is an annoyance at best and for … Continue reading

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Looking at German Wines

I am fond of dry, crisp white wines with decent acidity but disappointed with my purchases of German wines regardless of the professional reviewer’s rating or the wine’s price. Their labels are confusing and I have been left staring at … Continue reading

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Cheese & Wine

Best advice I have is: if it tastes good to you then it tastes good. I’ll swear that the best pairing I ever discovered was a good Roquefort (Carles makes the best) with an ice-cold Diet Dr. Pepper. Anyone suggesting … Continue reading

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Paris, COP21 and Christmas

If you can survive the Occupation than a few terrorists will only piss you off, the loss of life and the tragedies that occurred on 13 November are not taken lightly nor will they be forgotten soon but the French … Continue reading

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All Remember as Life Returns to a New Normal

Near to the Place de la Republic cross corner from where the Canal Saint Martin goes under ground on the way to the Bastille in a very busy section of Town, sits La Bonne Biere, one of the sites attacked on 13 November … Continue reading

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À mes amis Français

Tuez les Tous! Dieu reconnaîtra les siens. LaFayette, nous sommes prêts!

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