AOC Pomerol

Pomerol is grown in Libourne and Pomerol, west of Bordeaux on the banks of La Dordogne as it meanders through the fabled right bank. Led by Pétrus, Pomerol is one of the best known French wine appellations and perhaps it’s most valuable. Currently 813 hectares (>2,000 acres) are in vines producing mostly Merlot (80%) with the other varietals being Cabernet Franc (10%), Cabernet Sauvignon (8%) and Malbec (2%). Recent transactions have valued this terroir in excess of $800,000 per acre!

The Bordeaux Appellate Court recently ruled that by 2018 all wine labeled AOC Pomerol must be vinified within the same geographic boundary as the appellation, supporting the Pomerol Syndicate decision. This effects the properties of Domaines de la Pointe and Vieux Taillefer, Châteaux Haut-Tropchaud, Lafleur Grangeneuve, Vray Croix de Gay and Grand Moulinet. Many of the properties in this appellation are small, less than 4 hectares and building a winery is impractical, currently these  proprieties also lie within the boundaries for Saint-Emilion, Lussac or Montagne where they have a winery and have been producing their Pomerol wine. Jean-Pierre Moueix of Pétrus has suggest they might use Châteaux Guillot’s former winery within the Pomerol appellation.

2018 is a long way off, consolidation of properties is certainly possible and is probably a better alternative than relabeling the wine as Lussac or Montagne. I doubt too many look past the AOC Pomerol for the smaller print mis en bouteille au chateau.

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