Annual Oyster River Spring Regatta

The 2014 – 2015 winter was long and unwelcome but eventually spring arrives. A few weeks ago the Oyster River in Durham, NH lost it covering of ice and now flocks of geese and seagulls are common sites again. Four swans continue to check their breeding grounds above the dams then return to the river with hopes that tomorrow will bring warmer weather and clear access.

Although ice is out in the river, there are numerous pieces of the former ice shelf along the shore line hung up in the shallow parts of the river waiting for a good high tide to dislodge them. Each spring we’re entertained by the seagulls when they catch an iceberg as the ebb tide begins. Sometimes they will drift down into the bay below the sewer treatment plant and fly back across from the Beard’s Creek inlet and attempt to catch another ride. I have never seen them feeding, just sunning and enjoying the ride.


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