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Country Style Spare Ribs

Recently a friend prepared roasted pork bellies as an appetizer. I liked it so much I prepared a modified version using country-style spare ribs. The main cooking theme is low temperature, long cook time with the bellies layered atop sliced … Continue reading

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Potential Colony Collapse Disorder Solution

A solution for Colony Collapse Disorder possibly available as soon as this fall. That is the great news, the good news is that it is completely compostable, using no fungicides or pesticides thereby avoiding the dreaded Monsanto collateral damage syndrome. … Continue reading

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Voles Damage Blueberry Bushes

I don’t have my driveway plowed because of the damage typically done by the plow boys so I was somewhat confused as the snow receded this spring, such as it has been, and I noticed various blueberry bushes scattered around … Continue reading

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Annual Oyster River Spring Regatta

The 2014 – 2015 winter was long and unwelcome but eventually spring arrives. A few weeks ago the Oyster River in Durham, NH lost it covering of ice and now flocks of geese and seagulls are common sites again. Four … Continue reading

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