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Wine Jargon & Acronyms

Do you know the difference between OWC and AOC? When celebrating do you look for a Blanc de blancs, Crémant or Méthode Traditionnelle? Are you at all concerned about SOS or DC? Like every other industry, the wine industry is … Continue reading

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Live Free or Die

New Hampshire, with the highest Median Average Income in the United States, has redefined miserly, appearing to have found the methods for legally discriminating against retirees on fixed income, homeless, and lower-income wage earners regardless of ethnic origin. Of course, … Continue reading

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Do You Save?

I always categorized seed savers right up there with hoarders and used parts collectors, harmless but slightly a bubble off plum. My grandfather was a potato farmer and held back enough potatoes each season to satisfy a third of his … Continue reading

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US Labeling

I briefly described the European Labeling scheme last year, and recently received an update from Slow Food USA Learn the Labels that does a good job describing some of the more important US labels. Although State and Federal elected officials … Continue reading

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