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Tomato Pests

I have my share of problems with chipmunks, squirrels, woodchucks etc. but I never imagined that my Sweet 100s would come under a direct onslaught. I captured the initial stages of siege planning three weeks earlier: They forgot the 1st … Continue reading

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2nd Annual Durham Farm Day

Always a hoot or moo or baaaa

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Just in Time

When it rains, it pours. Just in time to save the day is Clotilde, author of French Market Cookbook, who rapidly is becoming my new best friend. Shortly I will be overrun with cucumbers and cornichons and beside trying to … Continue reading

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Running Scared?

Who doesn’t like a load of hooey first thing in the morning? I woke up to find this in my mailbox. It seems the efforts to take back the net have had an impact. Many, like myself, filed comments that … Continue reading

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More Berries

The raspberries are still coming in strong: And the Blackberries start today:

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Berry Season

We’ve been picking raspberries for a few weeks now, the blueberries started about a week ago and the blackberries are still a few weeks away.  

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Honest All American Shrimp

Tired of eating farm raised shrimp, processed in Southeast Asia and supporting a system that uses slave labor? If price isn’t the first thing you consider when selecting what to put in your mouth, then you do have options. Buy … Continue reading

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Easy as Pie

What better way to cap of Friday Night Fish Fry than with a wedge of home-grown cherry pie made with rendered local leaf lard? This is the first year we have actually harvested any cherries, not sure who was getting … Continue reading

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Protect the Border

It is times like these, when invaders threaten to take the food from your mouth that I lose my libertarian values. I proudly don my commemorative “Stand your Ground” leather jacket. I join with our New Hampshire politicians by embracing … Continue reading

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Bumblebees typically show up early and stay late on our nasturtiums. They have been flowering for over a week now and I have yet to see any pollinators showing interest. I saw a few bumblebees on the blueberries in May … Continue reading

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