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Decline of the American Empire?

Our military has become accustomed to using mercenaries, we are rapidly going robotic to pursue our military agenda as recruits lack the necessary skill sets for advanced weaponry. Our corporations are accelerating the exodus of employment overseas and moving their … Continue reading

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Grand Conspiracy

Yes, I would like to see revised food labeling regulations. Yes, I would like NSA disclosure on all the Congressional email and phone conversations they are sitting on. We could all stand a good laugh now and then. Even as … Continue reading

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Lobbyists aren’t evil or even bad, after all most of them are either lawyers or former politicians or both. What’s not to like? Every lobbyist knows to answer the question they wanted asked. Lobbyists always tell the truths that support … Continue reading

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Food Hub

The Guardian recently added Food to their Sustainability Hub. Full of interesting opinions, facts, biases and, hopefully, controversy. One article talks of the 80 billion pounds of food that winds up in landfills annually with 47% coming from residential waste. … Continue reading

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Pricing Based on Data Usage

I don’t know of a Company alive that really wants a level playing field; if they must have any competition at all, they desire the top of the hill. That is all in the best interest of management, makes their … Continue reading

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Chocolate Mint

I planted two small pots of chocolate mint in the spring of 2012. Since then we have been over run with mint which sprouts early and stays with us until late fall. I have planted mint in our prior residences … Continue reading

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Is it Time to Stop Buying Shrimp?

Amid all the appalling stories about ‘farmed’ seafood comes an article from the Guardian on Asian slave labor stocking our grocery stores’ fish case.  With all of the outrage over the lack of GMO labeling in this Country, we sate … Continue reading

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USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides very useful information on their website. Check out Meat and Poultry Labeling Terms if you are at all curious what producer’s statements really mean. Are you curious about the definitions of various … Continue reading

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FCC’s Net Neutrality Debacle

Barring some of the language, John Oliver of HBO’s Last Week Tonight (13:18 minutes long) puts the FCC’s Net Neutrality Plan is sharp focus: httpv:// We can’t raise Federal taxes to reduce our burgeoning national debt but boy we got … Continue reading

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Are You an Open Book?

Are you on Facebook or another social media outlet? Do you have more friends than you actually know? Do you even care who is looking at your personal data, where they are and more importantly who they are? Take out … Continue reading

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