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Status of Currants in New Hampshire

It has been a sad few days in the yard leading up to this morning’s killing frost. I received notice earlier this week that the majority of my currants were, in reality, not Pine Blister Rust (PBR) resistant but were … Continue reading

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GMO Labeling in New Hampshire

New Hampshire BH 660 is a Bill that would require the labeling of Genetically Modified Foods. The truth can set you free. Regardless of your persuasion, check out the Seacoast Eat Local release that provides links so you can follow … Continue reading

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Yellowtail Flounder

The Yellowtail Flounder is a member of a much larger family of left or right-eyed flatfish including Turbot, Halibut, Plaice, Sole, Dab, Flounder and many other varieties. At birth they resemble a more standard fish with a swim bladder and … Continue reading

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The French Market Cookbook

With 460 books and pamphlets on cuisine one might think that I had a problem, that I might be a hoarder or worse yet a Luddite. The truth is that every cookbook has a gem or two buried somewhere within, … Continue reading

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Still Working

Summer is officially over but as long as the nasturtiums and tomatillos keep flowering the humble bumblebees keep working. I am in the process of cleaning up the garden for another season but haven’t had the heart to take out … Continue reading

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Good Girls

A recent article in Sud Ouest discusses the ongoing 10 year battle against le frelon asiatique (Asian Hornet) which is reportedly in Quebec and Northern Maine, see Vespa Velutina. According to the article, Francis Ithurburu has been studying these pests … Continue reading

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