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1000 Roasts

After 250 kilos (551 pounds) I think I have a handle on the home coffee roasting cost profile, how to disassemble and more importantly reassemble the HotTopUSA KN-8828B table top drum roaster. I am two days short of the Fifth … Continue reading

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American Pollock

Last Friday’s NH Community Seafood selection was American Pollock. Also known as saithe, coley, Boston bluefish, Pacific tomcod, coalfish among other names. The boneless, skinless fillets arrived in excellent condition, firm, slightly gray flesh, with no off odors. With the … Continue reading

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Acadian Redfish

This week’s NH Community Seafood Underdog selection is Acadian Redfish, landed at Portland Maine and also know, among many other names, as Redfish, Crimson snapper, Southern Red snapper, Red drum and Ocean perch. They arrived well cleaned, scaled, filleted, with … Continue reading

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Red Hake

A. k. a. squirrel/white/silver/black hake, whiting, ling, or cod is this week’s selection for New Hampshire Community Seafood’s Underdog Members. The fish were approximately 1/2 pound each, fully cleaned and scaled. All I had to do was figure out how … Continue reading

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