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Life is Tough then . . .

Hummingbird catching his breath after pollinating our nasturtiums and cherry tomatoes.

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Bees are Hot!

You know it has gone mainstream when Martha Stewart starts tending bee hives. A new weekly series Buzzfeeds from The Guardian will focus on pollination, pesticide dangers, global benefits and all things bees. What can you do if you don’t … Continue reading

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Cusk, Today’s Underdog Fish Selection

Season #1’s final Underdog Share delivery from NH Community Seafood is Cusk. Perhaps not the most attractive fish taken from the sea . . . . . . but once processed and delivered to an eager customer base it is … Continue reading

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Les Maudit Soupers

Omnivore World Tour returns to Montréal with the Festival of Young Chefs, 14 through 19 August. Last year was well received, it would be a good idea to book your reservations early to avoid disappointment.

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Japanese Beetle Damage

Everything was fine Sunday morning, by Wednesday afternoon almost two-thirds of the leaves had been shredded: I quickly made up a small batch of Captain Jack’s Dead Bug and liberally applied it to the leaves and especially the beetles, soaking … Continue reading

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AOC Pomerol

Pomerol is grown in Libourne and Pomerol, west of Bordeaux on the banks of La Dordogne as it meanders through the fabled right bank. Led by Pétrus, Pomerol is one of the best known French wine appellations and perhaps it’s … Continue reading

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Summer Travels

We have been traveling off and on over the last month. We started out in the middle of June driving to Wisconsin to celebrate the life of Michael LeaVesseur who passed last January. His wife and daughter opened their house … Continue reading

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Blueberries Ready to Pick

Every good parent understand the value of connecting with their offspring and teaching them how to safely reap the rewards of their environment. The plan is to sweep up past the blackberries to check on their status then continue on … Continue reading

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Challenging Fishing Environment

A message from our friends at NH Community Seafood. Season 2 will begin 5 August and they are accepting CSF reservations now, lets keep the local fishing fleet employed and productive. Click on the link below and make your selection. … Continue reading

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Who Doesn’t Like Honeybees?

Well, unfortunately the answer is many people think they are dangerous, have no place within city limits and just so wrong for modern American lifestyles and our now allergy prone population. According to numerous ad hoc research studies that I … Continue reading

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