2013 Farm Bill

Let’s face it, this is really the Corporate Agri-complex Bailout and Food Stamp bill. It has nothing to do with genetically modified organisms. It has nothing to do with animal welfare. Please get a grip, it absolutely, definitely has nothing to do with the product labeling regimen that the vast majority of Americans want. It has everything to do with Congress proving who possesses the biggest set.

I dare you to ask your Senator or Representative to explain the Food Bill.

There was an interesting comment in The Guardian this morning. Coming as no surprise was the statement on agricultural companies and wealthy farmers “In one year – 2009 to 2010 – those groups poured $8.5m into the fundraising coffers of members of the House Agriculture Committee.”

Another more ominous comment in the article was “Congress is not providing any alternatives to struggling families as it cuts the food stamp program, it is just slashing the cost and hoping that poverty – and its siblings, unemployment and crime and homelessness – fix themselves. Good plan.” It makes me wonder how the NSA will ever be able to keep track of them  and protect me if they are so economically depressed to the point where the don’t have internet access, credit cards or mobile phones? If we are investing so much in domestic surveillance doesn’t it make sense that we create at least a special iPhone Stamp for the low-income to slide into the Farm Bill at conference? It only makes sense that given the wanton destruction of payphones in this country that in the spirit of public safety & security we equip every American with a Chinese manufactured iPhone.

How about taking a survey? Let me know who you think is the dominant tracker of your personal information:

  1. US Government
  2. Chinese Government
  3. Apple

Have you signed up for a Cloud Service yet? That really will simplify getting to know you better. Welcome to America, the land of the paranoid and the home of the surveilled.


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