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Surefire Cherries June 2012 I planted five cherry trees early spring 2011 all grafted on to Gisela 5© root stock and sold by Raintree Nursery. I planted 2 sweet cherry trees, a Bing and a Rainier, and 3 tart cherry … Continue reading

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U-Pick Blueberries Ready

I find everything is coming early this year. I actually picked a handful of Prelude Raspberries yesterday and my blackberries have been flowering for a month now. I have also picked about 2 quarts of Goumi berries and there is at least … Continue reading

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UNH Master Plan

Foodies, locavores, regional economic development advocates and fans of government entities doing what they were created to do: Unite. We have nothing to lose but our Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) dependencies. The University of New Hampshire is a land grant college … Continue reading

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Artisan Breads II

Two weekends ago I trekked over to Stone Turtle in Lyman Maine to learn how to prepare French-style Hearth Breads. Michael Jubinsky, voted one of the Top Ten Bakers in the US by Dessert Professionals last November, taught the class and … Continue reading

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So you and a few neighbors decided to raise chickens in your backyard, good for you. 6 to 12 chickens will produce a lot of eggs for your family and friends; about 1 per hen every 25 hours when they are not molting, … Continue reading

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Florimond was Monet’s gardener at Giverny. Everyone has seen representations of his efforts in the gardens and pools that Monet so treasured for their natural beauty, color and ever-changing vistas. If your schedule permits, take a day and visit the gardens and … Continue reading

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Neonicotinoid Honey Bee Impact

Sud Ouest reports on Saturday 2 June that Stéphane Le Foll, the new French Minister of Agriculture, has banned the use of Syngenta’s ©Cruiser OSR for use in the rape seed (safflower) fields. France has over 790,000 hectares (1,952,000 acres) of winter rape … Continue reading

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U-Pick Begins

Butternut Farms is expecting to open their strawberry fields for picking the middle of next week. The report is that the crop is looking good for this season. As of May 19, Blueberry Bay Farm reports they are picking lettuce, herbs, … Continue reading

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Where’s a Locavore to go?

You are probably wondering where you can go for wholesome locally grown food. The U-Pick season is beginning to gear up and NH Made has some great resources for you. They have a .pdf of the NH Fruit Growers Association Orchard Map, including about … Continue reading

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