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American Foulbrood

Seacoast Eat Local recently distributed a warning to beekeepers in the South Portland, Maine area: Two weeks ago a Swarm Removal Team (from the Maine Beekeepers Assoc.) found what appears to be a lethal virus to honeybees, American Foulbrood, in wax … Continue reading

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My father grew tomatoes, staked them and then pruned the suckers off as they grew. I know others who grow indeterminate varieties of tomatoes and either raise them in cages or just let them vine out. You do what you … Continue reading

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Eat Durham New Hampshire

Strolling of the Heifers recently created and distributed a Locavore Index that identified Vermont as the Premier State in the Union for sourcing local foods. I don’t take an exception to Vermont being first, anecdotally they have a fantastic reputation for … Continue reading

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Durham New Hampshire Rainfall

[ahm-wp-tabular id=190 template=Web2] I am using a LaCrosse WS-9004U Wireless Rain Gauge installed, as level as can be expected, on the post holding my blackberry trellis. I will update this table every Saturday afternoon through the end of September.

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